APRIL 2019

1. MATOMA has been keeping me busy from Feb - April — design partially by Showtime Sound LLC and PreFocus DE. Great weekender tour with my dudes from Life Is Art Studios who provided operation labor and pre-programming for ULTRA 2019.

2. I was last minute added to TRITONAL’s staff, concurrently with my MATOMA tour, to execute some production logistics and make their design flyable. Worked with LD Andrew Roman, who rocked these designs from PreFocus DE. Really excited about how these live experiences ended up!

3. BEET TRIP made its triumphant return to Baltimore, resuming it’s 58th or 59th or 60th iteration in the past 4 years. This event focuses on round-robin style producer performanes for 1 hour sessions in which one mic is past around continuously to the areas singers, MCs, and poets. Can’t emphasize how important this and these people are to me and what I am.

4. HIGHER BROTHERS will be hitting the road in April on their second full US Tour in 1.5 years. Joining up with my guys at Life Is Art studios again for operational labor and general lighting magic. Really excited to throw this quick and dirty design into a trailer, and hit the road.

Lux Aeterna LLC will be providing the video wall, and we’ve had the chance to retrofit them completely — Iodized and plated! READY TO GO! Working on this project has been slow, but really indisposable in what it’s taught me as a business owner and technician. From Rich Brian 2 years ago up until now:

Flo Rida is still one of my favorite hip-hop tracks of the past 20 years:

Looking forward to more punches moving forward. We’ll be moving back to LA after 6 months in Baltimore, and I’ll be hitting the road for Joji in Asia, US, and Europe over this summer/fall.

June 2018



Mid-April, went to Daydream Festival with Rich Brian. Shanghai was nice and chill.



Did a quick corporate one with Dan Deacon, and had the pleasure of hanging out while him and Dustin Wong recorded! Dustin Wong is incredible -- really insane on every level.


Had the pleasure of TMing and Mixing Moon Boots first Live tour with 8 Personnel band! Great shows, great musicianship.


Last but not least, Brian and crew went to New Zealand and AUS for some shows with Niki..!


May Playlist was solid but tired now -- June in full effect!

March 2018

March is upon us.

1. James Corden with Rich Brian, in support of his new album. Design by myself, Kyle Glaser, and Clayton Beisner:

2. February 88 Rising shows were awesome. Three shows over 2 weeks, full design by Lux Aeterna, LLC:


Early rendering of the stage for the Shrine. We built out a portal in the center of the stage, complete with fog curtain, grated decking for lighting spillage, and 3 Kvant lasers mounted atop the video wall. 

3. Europe with Rich Brian:

S/o Sira, who takes a ton of footage on the road and puts together recaps in record time. 

4. Me and my girlfriend will be moving back to the High Desert this summer, for the foreseeable future.

5. We went to Yosemite. The corny part. With Lobby Call comrades! I work there now.

6. Playlists: February 2018 Playlist was pretty rad. Lots of hip-hop, but it turned more Teen Suicide by the end of the month which lead TOOOOO March 2018; an abstinently heady meld of sad boi guitar shit, and semi-ambient bedroom garbage. Aiming a little higher with these two supplemental playlists: 1. ANDACOUPLEOFOTHERPLACES - All techno and house inspired by Palms Trax. 2. BLOOD TIDE - All subterranean techno.

7. Going on tour with Digitalism next week, Brian the week after that to Daydream in Shanghai, then Moonboots in LA, SF, and East coast. 

January 2018

Been a while, and I'm finally settling in so here's a list for the New Year (!):

1. Just got back from Asia! Had a blast with 88Rising; Joji, Higher Brothers, Keith Ape, and Brian:

2. Doing a few quick massive ones in February with the same crew (!):


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.11.38 AM.png

4. New January playlist is coming along nicely.

5. I launched Lux Aeterna, LLC at the end of last year for the Rich Chigga Come To My Party Tour. So far we've built a 12x6' video wall from scratch, engineered the mountings, and prototyped for the next run. Looking forward to a bunch of projects in the pipeline for the upcoming year... more to come.

Much more to speak about, but not enough time. 

Rich Chigga Inaugural US Tour

Rich Chigga was a last minute addition to my life. Just started with the young gentleman Brian Immanuel as Production Manager and Tour Manager. 

Working with Rich has been great. Very talented and dedicated performer, and all the shows were sold out. Made things fun and easy. 

Operator Lee Duck of DUCK LIGHTS handled both lighting and video operation. I think I made him insane, but it’s always great working with him. 

More shows coming up soon for the teenage wonder. More RC stuff soon!

Boys Noize May Day Tour Design

I’ve taken a super long time to reflect and discuss the BN setup. Since the live shows with the rig are still ongoing, it feels like I just started on this project, but it turns out that it’s almost been 2 years since I got hired by the Boys Noize family as Production Manager. 

The Boys Noize live rig is something to be reckoned with. When I first encountered the pieces and started prepping it for shipment, I didn’t realize how much of an undertaking having such well crafted and SOLID set pieces can be. Unfortunately, this also made projecting the cost of getting things to Berlin difficult. Once I weighed and broke down the rig, it ended up being over 3000 lbs, which made logistics… challenging. 

Every single part of the set pieces is steel or aluminum, with the exception of the fences which are a lighter-weight plastic. This construction is both beneficial and not so much. The weight is something to consider, but since the set items are so strong, they can take a lot of physical stress; mallets/hammers, drilling modifications, piling, trucking. Additionally, the modularity of the pieces allows them to break down as much as I see fit. This helps with loading into venues as well as making things more carry-able. 

Lighting, Audio and Video-wise, we are in good hands. I’ve had the fortunate experience of working with a good crew from all over Europe. The design and build of the set and stage itself was created by Future Weapons, but it really came together once my now good friend Pierre Claude took the helm of the lighting rig. 12 sharpies, 2 BMFLs, an army of Molfays, Atomics, and Stormy’s completed the final instantiation of the live show. This, in combination with the video work of Sus Boy AND LIL INTERNET, operated by the dude I spent the most time with in Berlin; Holger Holgistar. Great human and great video technician and operator. 

Below is the crew from our most recent show in Switzerland (sans Pierre Claud, unfortunately): Toma (Distro man/Pirate), Holger, JC (Pierre’s 2nd part), Myself and Mathias, center, is our Tour Manager. Ultimate dude. 

Videos: Balelec, Switzerland, May 2017




I’ll be going back out with BN in June for a week — just some quick DJ gigs in the US and Mexico and then back to LA! Looking forward to it, as usual. 


June 9th 2017 - Good Room, Brooklyn

June 10th 2017 - U Street Music Hall, Washington D.C.

June 14th 2017 - Q Night Club, Seattle

June 15th 2017 - 45 East, Portland

June 16th 2017 - Rehab, Las Vegas (Day)

June 16th 2017 - Exchange, Los Angeles (Night)

June 17th 2017 - Social Club Rhodesia, Mexico City





May 2017 List

Alllll kinds of stuff:

1. Spark Master Tape is probably one the best things I've heard in a while. 

2. Me and my friends at Quality Goods Records put on a showcase at the Belasco last night. We brought some extra fire power.

3. I'm working with Rich Chigga now and I'm stoked to be out on the road with him starting this week. Supreme talent.

4. I'm back with Boys Noize this week as well -- Balelec Festival in Switzerland. Also, I'll be hitting the road in June for some DJ sets for BN's Warehaus Tour.

Quality Goods Records + UZ Tour Design

Just completed a quick project for UZ and the Quality Goods Records crew. They're hitting the road for a few weeks of club shows and were looking for something easy to travel with, as well as something that's an easy and effective on stage. We agreed that we were tired of seeing over-the-top, video wall heavy DJ shows, and they wanted something that alludes to an underground vibe. 

I began to dig into fabric options -- They travel well when gigs are sometimes only reachable by plane, they're light, easy to implement, etc.

I landed on banners. 


Being that the banners prevalence at punk and hardcore shows is not lost on me, I figured employing them would reinforce the underground look that QGR was looking for. BUT, I wanted to take it a step further. Given the variety of venue types, stage sizes, and the array of custom DJ cockpits, I wanted to get them a modular design that could adapt and be employed as needed. 

I went with a layered banner look: Mesh in font, and 2-4ft. behind that, a solid polyester back drop. We then subtracted part of the overall image and allocated it to the mesh, and the remainder of the image went on the polyester backdrop, creating a hologram-like floating image in front of the backdrop. Added some uplighting bars, to highlight the ink on the banners and all done.  




Packs up nice! No mess.

2017 Demands Updates

It's been a very long time since I've updated this. But, gladly, this is because lots has been happening. Many updates coming soon. 

April List -- Bleached, No Parents, New Home, Boys Noize, Listening, Good Audio Techs

1. SXSW was pretty busy this year, but it always is. I had a rad time mixing Bleached and Dan Deacon. Hanging out with DJ RICHARD was pretty rad, too. 

2. I’ve been on tour with Bleached all month in support of their new record WELCOME THE WORMS. Full US, mixing at so many amazing places like Barboza, 7th Street Entry, and Walter's Houston. 

3. Being on tour with Bleached has been great, but it has been amplified by sharing the stage with NO PARENTS every night. Had the opportunity to mix them a couple times and really enjoy the group. Check out their NEW RECORD!

4. I have a new warehouse office with my friends TARAN ALLEN, AOP ENTERNTAINMENT, and FUTURE WEAPONS! Super stoked to be working closely or next to designers, audio and lighting engineers, and friends. Best environment for me. 

5. I have a new client. Really excited to be working on the road with BOYS NOIZE as the team’s Production Manager. I’ve worked closely for months with Adam Labay from Future Weapons, Taran Allen, and the whole BN team to build up a really rad show. Can’t show pictures now, but soon.

6. Tour/April Playlist has been pretty insane. Mostly Memphis or southern hip-hop, but I also revisited some playlists from a couple years ago when I was traveling around the south — Burial’s Rival Dealer (<333), Ash Borer, and Have a Nice Life.

Here's my tour PLAYLIST. Pretty wacky, but I’m loving it. I’m also new to Spotify. Still deciding how I feel about it. 

7. The Field came out with a new album and I’ve been a fan for some time, so I’m pretty stoked. Got the CD before I hit the road and have been listening a lot. The Follower is so different than his other stuff, but really amazing to see how he’s utilizing his skill of repetition without boredom, while fitting it into a much more techno-ey context. This album is pretty heavy, but definitely great at putting you back into the environment he’s cultivated over the past albums. So rad!

8. One of my favorite things about being on the road is meeting other engineers. Sometimes there are some lame ones, but I’ve met so many great ones this time around. One of which was Terry from Walter’s in Houston (which is a super sick venue). He dialed in a super simple LCR system with a couple little subs. Allen and Heath GL at FOH. A system like that really makes you think about your mix and really maximize the strengths of the band you’re working with. 


Terry was a truly nice and pleasant dude, but he also had some insane credentials. He was working on a Christmas album with DJ Screw when DJ Screw passed away. I’m a pretty big fan (see playlist) so that was pretty much like staring into the sun for me. 

Another great FOH was Gary at The Empty Bottle in Chicago! Super nice dude, no bullshit, totally great and positive attitude. Makes a huge difference. We went into a whole conversation that started at ham-fisting guitar faders to boost solos, to shop talk, to tuba bands! It was amazing. I hope to see him again soon. 

U No Wut It Is.




March List - Listening, Nature World, SXSW, Hell on Earth

Here's my list for March!

1. Been listening to a lot of new music. That's a March thing.

2. Baklavaa's new album Dane On is on constant repeat in every workspace I have. Also, at home. Baklavaa is definitely in my top 3 all time favorite Baltimore's list.

3. Jason Urick - I'm probably years behind on this one, but doesn't matter. This stuff is amazing. 

4. Vince Staples - Another artist I should have known about, and am late to listening to. This dude is amazing. I think an artist I work for is opening for him. Definitely going to check it out.

5. Basement Rap sweatshirt has been giving me special powers

6. I got to mix The Body this week at Union, which was a big moment for me because I'm a big fan of their records, especially I Shall Die Here, which was produced with Haxan Cloak a few years ago. Huge sound, amazing audio process and composition. Also, got my hands on their brand new record No One Deserves Happiness which I'm digging into right now.

7. I got to hang with this dog for a few days

8. I got to mix main stage at Nature World Night Out, which was put on by some really rad friends, including Antwon, who I mixed monitors for on a US tour. Super stoked on the project moving forward and continuing in the future. Also: 

9. My talented girlfriend Bethany Price had an art show in the desert and it was a ton of fun! Missing all the desert things and people... 

10. Went to Colorado with Dan Deacon and company. Way fun -- check it out.

11. Lastly, I'll be headed to SXSW next week. So many shows with Bleached and one with Dan Deacon!

3/14 - Barracuda w/ Bleached
3/16 - Scoot Inn w/ Dan Deacon
3/17 - After The Goldrush w/ Bleached
3/17 - FloodFest w/ Bleached
3/17 - Secretly Canadian w/ Bleached
3/18 - Spin BBQ @ Stubbs w/ Bleached
3/19 - FFF Fest @ Mohawk w/ Bleached
3/19 - Pandora Discover Den w/ Bleached

11. But most importantly: 

February List

Here's the (projected) list for February (pictures below):

1. Taking friends to do their errands.

2. European production managers.

3. Union opens up, officially, this month with A Club Called Rhonda. Stoked.

4. Creators of Monome, Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain, will be in Los Angeles this month for a performance at Machine Project. Really excited to finally see them live. Also, really been thinking about their Eurorack module "Walk" and how it expands some possibilities. 

5. I'm gonna go to Denver.


7. Mic-Nek all the way forever (see picture)

8. The super eerie voice/wind patch used in that scene in Full Metal Jacket where Private Pyle gets beat up by soap. So rad. 

9. King Graveyard.

End Of 2015

I did a lot of stuff in the past months! I am really bad at updating here, but since it's the New Year, I can use that as an arbitrary framework for compiling some projects and moments I've been a part of. Check out the pictures from the past months at the bottom of this entry...

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.54.32 AM.png


1. I moved to Los Angeles

2. Went to my last Beat Trip at the Bell Foundry

3. Worked as an audio tech for Dim Mak's residency at Hotel Figueroa

4. Flew to St. Louis to oversee Wham City Lights' deployment of their HerbaLife audio reactive light show

5. Worked with Cirque du Soleil and Wham City Lights to deploy a lightshow at tech rehearsals in Shreveport, LA.

5. Started working with Guvera at their new spot in Los Angles, House of Guvera. Have had the opportunity to mix and stage manage Jessie J, No Age, WEDIDIT, and Best Coast.

6. Worked with IHEARTCOMIX as a stage and production manager on some rad shows including The Ninja Tune 25th Anniversary Party (Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Leon Vynehall, Sepulcure), Sundance NextFest, Life Is Beautiful Festival LV After Party, Pictureplane+Heems, 

7. Worked with HAM ON EVERYTHING for their Family Reunion with Juicy J, Project Pat, Da$h, Lil Debbie, and OG Maco.

8. Work with FUTURE WEAPONS and AOP to produce audio, lighting, and staging for the BERSERKTOWN FESTIVAL at the Santa Ana Observatory.

9. Got to mix Dan Deacon at a bunch of cool shows: Observatory w/ Future Islands, Decibel Festival in Seattle, Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas, Lux Art Institute in San Diego.

10. Began mixing the band TOWER. They're really rad dudes. 

11. Worked more with Bleached as FOH: Observatory Santa Ana with Social Distortion and for Burger Records, Orpheum Theater with Death Cab for Cutie

12. Starting working at a brand new venue in Mid-City Los Angeles called UNION. 5 rooms with a rad crew and some rad gear. 

13. Worked with THE ECHO SOCIETY to put together the lighting design for the final installment of their most recent series entitled VEILS.

Hopefully, I'll post more often and be able to jot down some notes about some upcoming audio programming projects or additional travels.

Spring Update: SXSW, Miami Music Week, Marco Mengoni, and Baltimore

Spring is in full effect. Look at that slideshow!

iheartcomix took me down to Austin and Miami earlier this month for SXSW and Miami Music Week, respectively. I got to work with about 168 artists and 7+ labels -- majorly awesome and intense. Also, got to see Two-9, Kate Boy, Salva, UZ (<3), Cities Aviv, and a bunch more personal favorites + Mad Decent and Boys Noize Records. SIMULTANEOUSLY, a festival that I helped organize in Baltimore with my friend EU1OGY at the helm called FUTURE FEST. Behold; an article from City Paper mentioning us. 

After a few weeks of local insanity including my last Beet Trips ): , Dan Deacon Tour preps, and corporate audio jobs, I have arrived in Italy to tech a Wham City Lights application for Marco Mengoni

Unfortunately, my arrival in Italy is running concurrent to events in Baltimore that I wish I was present for. I am proud of my city, regardless of how the media mangles it's portrayal of The Baltimore Uprising for the capitalization of sensationalism. And I am glad to see that the site crew in Italy recognizes where I come from and what opposition Baltimore faces. I won't condemn any actions thus far except for those that ruin non-corporate, personal property and the actions of the Baltimore City and State Government to restrict the constitutional right of peaceful assembly, as well as their employment of state resources to create an army against my city. I am excited for Baltimore and it's role in illuminating a host of issues in this country from police brutality to prison reform to corruption. All in the name of much delayed progress. Don't watch the news. Travel to Baltimore now and participate. 

Update//Recording, Vague Output, Llamadon, Winter, etc.

The generally calmer winter months are proving to be less calm...

I've been working with up and coming trio ALTER on their Demo EP... Due out probably in the next couple of months. Will update!

I've been working with Vague Output the past few months. Tonight we have Eric Cloutier from  among a host of other live acts and DJs. Event here.

In addition to that, Llamadon has been super busy with the upcoming Pizza Party on Valentines, The Play Pushers Meet on January 24th, as well as our twice monthly Beet Trip. 

More things planned for June, August, and September -- more news to come. Audioooooooooo.


Update: High Zero, UTOPiAfest, Cheap Fest, The Presets

High Zero starts this week... This is one of the best hubs for experimental and improvised music in the world and it's only 4 days long. One of my favorite crews to work with. More info here.

Additionally, I had a ton of fun working audio at UTOPiAfest last weekend... I want to move there. We also got to play with a laser after the set: 

I'll also be playing alongside Sean Seaton and Jeff Carey in October at Strange Matter for Cheap Fest. More to come on that one.

Finally, I'll be traveling all over North America as the monitor engineer for the Check Yo Ponytail Tour. I'll be working closely with The Presets and I'm mega stoked. Check out the dates here.

Audio at Fields Festival, SPLATTERPUNK, Ratscape, and Pemberton Music Festival

I'm working with a team of audio engineers, stage hands, and lighting designers to plan the production of this years first annual FIELDS FESTIVAL. It will take place in a huge camping ground in Darlington, MD and we're going to have 5 stages, music, performance art, comedy, play productions, installations, and more for 3 days straight. Check out more details about the awesome roster here.

Additionally, I'll be doing sound for one of two stages at this Saturday's SPLATTERPUNK event at The Windup Space which includes friends Trishy D, Scant, and Drums Like Machine Guns.

Finally, Llamadon will be providing a Battle Stage for this years RATSCAPE Festival (July 20th) which will feature good friends NASA8, The Breeds, 7 Floor Villains, Jacob Marley, and more.

If that's not enough, I'm going to Canada next week with Dan Deacon as his live engineer for dates at Pemberton Music Festival in Vancouver and beyond.


Beet Trip in City Paper, Events, Summer, and more...


Beet Trip was featured in an article in the Baltimore City Paper this past week... just in time for another Beet Trip this Thursday

Lots of events coming up in the near future and throughout the summer. See the Events page... includes live audio dates, Llamadon events, and PERMANENT performances. 

Finally, my friend Kloh-chǝr will be joining Tapdup to release his debut self-titled due to come out in May... Sample here